Jim VanGilder

Success Coach and Personal Strategist

Key Strategies to
Unlock Your Full Potential

Personal Success Coaching

Get the confidence, resources and strategies you need to succeed.  


Corporate Training

Equip your team to effectively meet their goals and thrive in their roles.


You are created to THRIVE! 

Men and women in every walk of life benefit from having a trained coach working with them to develop and implement their personal success strategy to win in life. 

What could you do with that kind of support?   

Have you ever wondered what it takes to succeed?

Do you want to grow in your career field?

Do you know what you really want in life?

How amazing do you want to feel - everyday?

Goal Setting

Learn how to set goals and stay focused assuring you hit your target.

Relationship Coaching

Relationships define our legacy.  Make sure your’s is rich with the joy of life.

Pursue Passion

Don’t just dream of doing something you love, take the steps to make it happen.

Get Equipped

Coaching prepares you to succeed now and in every other area of your life.

What Is Life Coaching?
Who is Coaching For?

We all know we have blind spots – areas that we can’t see need
attention, or that we’re not quite sure how to address.

By asking powerful questions and using the tools of success,
your coach will help you identify these areas, and develop the strategy that will ensure you are getting the results you need.

Coaching is for Business...

Every successful business person knows that expansion and development require investment.   Coaching is an investment in yourself as you work to develop your skills and establish yourself as a driving force.  Through coaching, you will gain access to the tools for career evaluation and goal setting.  You’ll find out how to uncover your unique drivers, and then implement your best strategy to keep on pace with your career goals.

Coaching is for Creatives...
As Creatives, we know how big our aspirations are!  We were designed to stretch the limits and to fill the voids.  Our dreams are endless and possibilities limitless.  But dreaming alone will not create the reality we can imagine.  Often the vision we have is too large to accomplish or we can’t see our way forward and so we simply become overwhelmed.  For Creatives, coaching gives structure to the abstract, and brings plans to fruition.
Coaching is for Romantics...

“I want to be a lousy lover,” said no one ever.   But finding romance and keeping it alive are no small thing.   There is no class in college that teaches Passion Stoking 101.  Through coaching, we become aware of our true identity, we see through the eyes of others, and we begin to understand what it is that keeps us in love for a lifetime.

Coaching is for Parents...

We all thought we knew everything about parenting… At least until we found ourselves looking at that blanket of wrinkly skin in our arms and realized it was game on.   Whether your kids are on the way, or on the way out, we’ve got strategies that will help you be a better parent, and to raise a happier, healthier mini-me.

Coaching is for Students...

How do you know what major to choose?  Should you go state, or dad’s Alma Mater?  And how do you get a job once you have that $80,000 piece of paper on your wall? If there is ever a time in life that could use some direction, it is during the formative, decision making years of education.  Coaching will help you get off to the best start possible by charting a clear course and a plan to stay on it.

About Me

With a background in customer service, sales, entrepreneurship and performance arts, I often wondered what it was that held me back from achieving everything I just knew I should be capable of accomplishing.

When I encountered the power of coaching, I was working in finance riding the waves of a few good months here and there mixed with too many bad months in between.   As soon as I saw what it did for me in terms of my own confidence, my relationship with my sons, and especially in my work, I instantly  knew that I wanted to learn how to give this freedom to others.

Stop Waiting to Win. Your Future is Being Made NOW! 

Partner with me now to make the next chapter of your life more rewarding than you would have ever imagined!  Unleash the side of yourself that has been longing to burst out and tackle the world around you.   Make the choice right now that your highest goal is to live your life to the fullest potential and invest in your present, your future, and your legacy.

Hey Jim – I want to find out how
Strategic Success Coaching will help me!

If you are experiencing homelessness and you’re ready
change your situation, please reach out to us.

We know the power of having someone who can help you get un-stuck which is why we created a scholarship program that provides free and low-cost strategic coaching focused on getting you moving in the right direction.